23 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers Getting Lucky Against the Detroit Lions

There are two things for meme makers to focus on after the miraculous and slightly shady win by the Green Bay Packers against the Detroit Lions: The was there or wasn’t there a facemask foul on Aaron Rodgers, and the reaction of Lions fans after seeing that Hail Mary pass touchdown.

While it’s easy to bitch and moan about NFL officials, it’s very different calling plays in real speed from the field than watching it on a thousand replays from home. And Devin Taylor did touch Rodgers’ mask with his finger moving across the face. Is it intentional? Is it a foul? It doesn’t matter. For a referee who is right there, it looks like a facemask foul, pure and simple. And it’s what gave the Packers extra life without any time on the clock.

But before the Lions start thinking about how the game was lost on that Hail Mary touchdown pass to Richard Rodgers as time expired, they need to remember how their team dropped a 20-0 lead in the third quarter, scoring just 3 points while the Packers went on to score 27, in a combination of awful execution, panicking defense and terrible play calling by Jim Caldwell.

And the Packers, on the verge of seeing their seeing their season going into full collapse mode, are now able to r-e-l-a-x for another week knowing there’s time to fix their many problems and even if they don’t, it’s nice to have a quarterback who can save them.

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