19 Best Memes of the North Carolina Tar Heels Beating the Gonzaga Bulldogs

19 Best Memes of the North Carolina Tar Heels Beating the Gonzaga Bulldogs

After getting their hearts crushed last year in the National Championship game, North Carolina got back to the same stage and did the same thing to Gonzaga, resulting in plenty of memes that made fun of the Bulldogs, despite the difficulty in actually hating them.

One of the ironic things about the Tar Heels winning their 6th national title is Michael Jordan, the best player in NBA history who played college basketball for UNC, winning a national championship with them in 1982. The Crying Jordan meme made a lot of sense here, but on players on the team that lost to North Carolina.

Adam Morrison for some reason got made fun of, as did John Stockton. Both are Gonzaga players in the past. Stockton is the best product from this university, but never made the NCAA Tournament while he was there. Morrison did a lot more for the Zags while playing in Spokane, but never really made it in the NBA, and his most memorable moment is crying after getting knocked out in the 2006 NCAA tournament.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant get hit with memes due to their defections in the past, and the referees, who made the game unbearable to watch at times, don’t get off with a bit of criticism. The funniest meme, however, is Przemek Karnowski getting the crying jordan treatment, making him look even more like Hodor from Game of Thrones.

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