NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves & San Antonio Spurs Interested in Derrick Rose

NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves & San Antonio Spurs Interested in Derrick Rose

With most of the big names off the board, Derrick Rose news have been becoming more and more prominent in the cycle, including interest he’s been getting from the Milwaukee Bucks, but also from the Minnesota Timberwolves and even the San Antonio Spurs.

Rose failed to make an impression in the final year of his contract, playing for the New York Knicks. The 2011 MVP put up superficially good numbers with 18 points per game on 47.1% shooting, but shot just 21.7% from three and looked disinterested on defense. His little disappearance and the alleged rape case before the season started didn’t help him in his contract year.

Rose seems like a point guard that’s M.O. isn’t in high demand right now around the NBA, especially when you take into account his previous salary. He isn’t a very good shooter (although better than he showed last season), isn’t a lock down defender even at his most motivated and didn’t show his previous ability to make other score. In short, a scoring-only point guard at this point, which isn’t a very high-demand role in today’s NBA.

Rose, Butler

This doesn’t mean Rose won’t find a team. He’ll only be 29 when next season begins, he’s after two seasons without serious injuries, and in the right quite of surroundings he could be quite useful. The Milwaukee Bucks angle is interesting because they lack a true point guard to help Giannis Antetokounmpo with his overload of responsibility on offense. It also puts Rose very close to his family which he is very attached too. It won’t get him to 2009-2012 Rose, but could put his career back on the right track.

Another interesting possibility is playing for the Timberwolves, who seem to be making a kind of former Bulls player club with Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler, while Tom Thibodeau on the sidelines. Rose and Butler might not be the world’s biggest friends, but they probably don’t hate each other like the Chicago media tried to portray during their last season together. The Timberwolves are an option, but with Minnesota already signing Jeff Teague, this could mean Rose becomes a bench player. Maybe it’s a role that suits him better right now? 

Derrick Rose Knicks

Another team being talked about are the Spurs, although I’m skeptical about it. They have Patty Mills (just re-signed him) and the fading away Tony Parker. Rose doesn’t seem to fit a team that moves the ball quickly and doesn’t rely on a point guard to score through a lot of iso. But maybe Gregg Popovich sees things people forgot Rose has. 

The Bucks seems like the strongest link, although it would take some creative thinking by the Bucks to make it happen – they don’t have a lot of cap space to get Rose. One option that’s being talked about is the Knicks doing a sign-and-trade for Rose, as they’re unwilling to pick up veteran free agents, hence the lack of interest in another free agent point guard, George Hill.

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