17 Best Eagles & Patriots Memes Leading Into Super Bowl LII

17 Best Eagles & Patriots Memes Leading Into Super Bowl LII

The Eagle has seen its shadow

As you might expect, the memes leading up to Super Bowl 52 can be split into two: Those making fun of the Philadelphia Eagles for not winning anything, and the others mentioning the New England Patriots along with words like cheating and deflate.

The interesting thing about this Super Bowl, as it usually happens with two franchises that have massive followings, is that there’s no team for the neutrals. Sure, the dichotomy of the favorite (Patriots) and underdog (Eagles) is maintained, but very few fans can look at the Eagles and say that’s a cinderella team I can get behind.

In the end, it’s a battle of legacies: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick trying to put theirs out of reach and tie things up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the Eagles, it’s more about stopping the jokes, and finally being part of the group in a division where all of their rivals have 3 Super Bowl victories or more.

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