25 Best Memes of Nick Foles & the Eagles Beating Tom Brady & the Patriots in the Super Bowl

25 Best Memes of Nick Foles & the Eagles Beating Tom Brady & the Patriots in the Super Bowl

Goofy looking QB

Nick Foles, a Super Bowl champion. Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl champions. The meme world will never be the same. But at least Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost, which makes things easier.

Because meme makers and NFL jokes need one of two things: The Dallas Cowboys to suck or the Patriots to disappoint. This Super Bowl delivered both. Cowboys fans didn’t want the Patrios to pass them in the championship count, but they didn’t want the Eagles to win a first Super Bowl either. Tough choice.

Brady had a huge game, but also two meme-worthy moments: His inability to catch an easy pass in a trick play, which the Eagles pulled off perfectly a bit later; and his fumble in the fourth quarter, basically losing the game for the Pats. So what if his defense gave up 41 points and both teams combined for more yards than any other Super Bowl before? People will blame Brady.

In non-football meme news, the kid in the Justin Timberlake concert stole the show. The best commercial had to be Eli Manning and Odell Beckham. But the best meme was the Dave Chappelle-Prince hologram.

Who Nick Foles really is

Brady Asterisk

Patriots Lose

Brady dropping the Super Bowl

RIP No Ring Joke

Patriots Dilly Dilly

Losing to a backup QB

Eagles eat Patriots

Almost Had it

Fumbling the Super Bowl

Kid Justin Timberlake Halftime Show

Prince Dave Chappelle

Doug Peterson Big Balls

Belichick asking the refs for help

Brady or Dez

Steelers Fans Celebrating

Durant Eagles

Brady Belichick Crying Jordan

Meek Mill watching the Super Bowl

Patriots Crying Jordan

Philly Burning

Who wore it better bandana

Giants Super Bowl Commercial

My husband cannot throw and catch the ball

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