NFL Rumors: 49ers, Browns & Bills Interested in Vontae Davis

NFL Rumors: 49ers, Browns & Bills Interested in Vontae Davis

Vontae Davis

One of the busier free agents at this point of the offseason is Vontae Davis, released by the Indianapolis Colts not too long ago, but already visiting with 3 teams: The San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns.

Davis, 29, had the worst season of his NFL career in 2017, playing in just 5 games and clashing with the Colts coaching staff. He has been cleared by doctors, which means the obvious interest in him is picking up, and quickly. Because Davis was released instead of his contract running out, he’s free to meet with teams.

A 2-time Pro Bowler, Davis appeared in only 5 games last season due to a groin injury he couldn’t shake off. Then he had surgery, followed by getting cut, ending his 6-year stint with the team, which came after 3 years in Miami with the Dolphins.

All the teams Davis has talked to so far have plenty of money so signing him early doesn’t change their March-April plans one bit. The Browns have over $110 million in cap space. The Niners aren’t too far behind with $74.5 million to spend. The Bills aren’t in that kind of comfortable position, but with $29.6 million in cap space, signing Davis isn’t something they’d be too worried about. The cornerback made $7.1 million last season and had a cap hit of $8.3 million.

Davis will be entering his 10th NFL season in 2018, whoever he signs with. He has 120 games (112 starts), including four 16-game seasons. With 22 interceptions, he’s 18th among active players.

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