11 Best Memes of the Sweet Sixteen

11 Best Memes of the Sweet Sixteen

KSU Kentucy meme

Just like this whole NCAA Tournament, the Sweet Sixteen was split in two: Crazy side with low seeds advancing, and the other side, where expectations are met. The memes dealt with it accordingly.

The upset side drew more attention. First and foremost: Loyola-Chicago, the #11 seed making it to the Elite Eight. Whether Sister Jean has something to do with it or not, she’s being embraced as the face of this improbable run, with three wins against higher seeds, all with the scoreline remaining in the 60’s and coming down to one possession.

The other meme favorite is Kansas State. Less for making it this far (a #9 seed, they’ll play the Ramblers next), and more for knocking out Kentucky. In the battle of the Wildcats, KSU overcame hostile officiating to beat a team everyone loves to see fail, and a coach everyone loves to see react poorly when his lineup of one-and-gone players disappoint.

Syracuse aren’t exactly loved, but they did play Duke. And lost. So Jim Boeheim was the one who received a few orange juice jokes at his expense. As the Elite Eight set us up with a marquee Duke-Kansas matchups, someone is going to be facing plenty of meme-styled ridiculed once the dust settles.

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