Ten Nasty Soccer Injuries

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A compilation of some very bad soccer injuries, not for those with a weak stomach.

This one has a player plant his foot in the pitch while his body continues on, the result isn’t so nice.

Henrik Larsson while he was at Celtic had one horrifying injury that took him out for almost a year. He came back with a vengeance, but this one looked rather bad at the time.

This one comes from the Mexican League, as a player goes in for a tackle but it does not come out the way he intended it to as his foot gets twisted in a horrible way.

This one didn’t really cause that much damage, it’s more of a funny one. A player laying on the grass as his doctor slides into him, making matters worst.

This one has a goalkeeper crash right on his neck, looks real bad.

This one comes from the Swedish League, looks more like a WWE drop kick move than soccer. Goalkeeper takes player down real hard.

This one comes from a game between Indonesia and Hong Kong, as a player breaks his leg in a tackle, looks real bad.

Famous injury from 2 years ago as Petr Cech, Chelsea’s goalkeeper got hit with a knee to his head, fracturing his skull. The player got off with a warning, no card!

Bad foul by Pogatetz of Middlesbrough on Rodrigo Possebon, breaking his leg with a tackle. Dirty dirty move.

This wasn’t intentional, as Scott Parker trips and falls on Jimmy Bullard’s knee… painful.

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