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  • Soccer Tackling – The Strong, The Dirty and Roy Keane

    Soccer players don’t always dive and fake it. Sometimes it really really hurts. Sometimes things get broken and can’t be put together again. Here are some of the fiercest and dirtiest tackles seen in recent years on the Premier League’s pitches plus an added bonus from the Champions League and a US – Canada Match.

  • Fantastic Goal By Scott Parker

    A Fantastic strike from Scott Parker as West Ham and Chelsea clash at Stamford Bridge.

  • Ugly As It Gets…

    After last night’s horrendous tackle by Ryan Shawcross (who, amazingly enough, received a few hours later a call up from Fabio Cappello for the friendly against Egypt) on Aaron Ramsey’s poor leg, Sportige decided to reminisce some of football’s most horrific injuries… Not for the weak-hearted

  • West Ham Hold Arsenal to a 2-2 Draw

    Arsenal drop a 2 goal lead at Upton Park and finish their London Derby with West Ham at 2-2, thanks to a very controversial penalty decision by Chris Foy, giving Diamanti the chance to get a much needed point.

  • Ten Nasty Soccer Injuries

    Soccer has it’s dark side too, and here are some of the worst injuries to be seen on the green field. It’s nasty and painful, not easy to watch. Only if your stomach is up for it, take a look.