20 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Rams Running All Over the Dallas Cowboys

20 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Rams Running All Over the Dallas Cowboys

Can't Blame Romo

Meme makers are at their happiest when the Dallas Cowboys lose, especially in the playoffs. The Los Angeles Rams and their running game making them very happy.

The Cowboys extended their Super Bowl & NFC title game droughts with a 22-30 loss in L.A., dropping an early lead and mostly getting run over by the Rams running game, the one experts said the Cowboys have a very good shot of stopping.

So the Rams didn’t lean on Jared Goff, instead reducing the play action and simply going action. The Rams ran for 273 yards, with both C.J. Anderson and Todd Gurley going over 115 yards. Anderson also rushed for two touchdowns, leaving the best defensive unit the Cowboys have had under Jason Garrett in shambles.

Meanwhile the Cowboys running game, led by Ezekiel Elliott, didn’t get anywhere (47 yards on 20 carries) while Dak Prescott picked up yards, but not enough points on the boards. Yes, the Cowboys had a legit gripe with some officiating calls, but that wasn’t what lost them the game. Back to the drawing board, while the Rams move on to the conference championship game.

Cowboys Fans Safe

Cowboys Thuck

F the Cowboys

No Cowboys on Social Media

Still Dem Boyz

Cowboys 1-star rating

How bout dem boyz

Still America's Team

Pops Tripping Man Cowboys

Shannon Skip Cowboys

Cowboys 4-10

Cowboys Garbage

Cowboys Family Feud

Cowboys Thanos Fade

No Cowboys Super Bowl

Jerry Jones Same Face Every Jan

Still 5 Rings

Zeke Garrett Crying Jordan

Birdbox Cowboys Fans

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