12 Best Memes of the New England Patriots Beating the Kansas City Chiefs

12 Best Memes of the New England Patriots Beating the Kansas City Chiefs

Brady Don't Care

“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it’s here. Or should I say, I am.” Thanos said that, but maybe he was referring to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, dominating the memes and the Kansas City Chiefs en route to Super Bowl #9 in the Brady-Bill Belichick era.

While the earlier game highlighted the need for better referees, this game (Without skimping the bad calls, including a ridiculous roughing the passer call in favor of Brady) showed how flawed the overtime structure is in the NFL, with a coin toss pretty much deciding the winner of a game.

But all that doesn’t matter to Brady & the Pats, a team who need to hear something else used to delegitimize them every year. It’s a 3rd straight Super Bowl, aiming for ring #6, against the franchise the whole Belichick, Brady and Patriots dynasty arc began.

However it ends, most people will be rooting for the Rams. Every season people wish for the demise of the Patriots; the end of the Evil Empire. Brady has declined. He didn’t play that well against the Chiefs. But it didn’t matter. He’s going for another ring, setting and extending records perhaps no one will be able to catch up with.

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