13 Best Memes of the Raiders Releasing Antonio Brown

13 Best Memes of the Raiders Releasing Antonio Brown

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It’s over. The Oakland Raiders have released Antonio Brown, which means it’s time to give an overview of this NFL-themed drama through memes.

Brown-Raiders has been one wild rollercoaster ride since going to Oakland from Pittsburgh (must be so happy there…). The last week put a spotlight on Brown’s behavior, and put the way the Steelers handled his actions in the past in perhaps more forgiving context.

Now that Brown is a free agent again, the popular conspiracy theory suggests the New England Patriots will pick him up for scraps and enjoy All-Pro ability from the wide receiver. But a player’s demand can evaporate very quickly in the NFL, so perhaps the current narrative of Brown’s behavior within a program means no one is going to try and sign him?

That is just one of the questions hovering over this whole ordeal. The Vontaze Burfict theory, suggesting his hit on Brown has changed the WR’s behavior, will get its share of screen time. So will suggestions of Brown not being 100% mentally stable, obviously diagnosed by keyboard warriors. In the end, whether he believes he’s being treated unfairly or not, Antonio Brown is the big loser from the way this saga unfolded.

Antonio Brown Inbox Rich Eisen tweeting about Antonio Brown Brown destroying the locker room Jon Gruden Antonio Brown meme

And to think Antonio Brown memes used to be positive. Like his demolition of Spencer Lanning five years ago, or his fabulous twerking celebration.

RIP AB Raiders Career Antonio Brown Imma head out Antonio Brown Fired on your day off Burfict Brown meme Antonio Brown madden curse Mike Mayock Antonio Brown meme Tom Brady calling Antonio Brown Brown Luck XFL

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