15 Best Memes of Antonio Brown Kicking Spencer Lanning

When a punter hits the headlines, it’s rarely for something positive. Spencer Lanning got kicked by Antonio Brown as the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns, and for once a meme about the Browns went viral without it having anything to do about them being so bad for so long.

While the initial viewing of the incident made it seem like Brown was simply trying to hurdle over the punter, the more you look at it, it seems like he simply intentionally went at him with cleats first, not worried too much about what happens next.

A penalty was called but maybe they’ll be more, as Roger Goodell loves giving fines for the things some people come to watch football for.

The bottom line was the Steelers coming away with a win, even if it did take a time-expiring field goal by Shaun Suisham to pull off the win.

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