6 Best Memes of the Karl-Anthony Towns & Joel Embiid Fight

6 Best Memes of the Karl-Anthony Towns & Joel Embiid Fight

Soft League

A lot of stuff happened last night in the NBA, but the biggest highlight considering all the memes made about it, was no doubt the sorta fight between Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid.

It’s hard to find a big man Embiid doesn’t have a beef with, so the list grew longer (if he wasn’t already on it) with Towns from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The two found something to argue about, then shove each other about, and then wrestle each other to the ground about before a mini scuffle broke out, and the two were separated before getting ejected.

Embiid pumped out the crowd and the Sixers won, but the overall consensus seems to be that he “lost” the fight, or that he was saved by everyone jumping in.

It’s worth reminding that close to 100% of these things never really have any serious damage. As Charles Barkley once said, guys don’t really want to get hurt or hurt someone else. They just want to look tough for a few seconds, knowing everyone will jump in to stop it anyway.

Towns Embiid Royal Rumble
Horford staying out of it

Funny this happens a few hours after we wrote a short, complimentary post about how good Towns has been on defense this season.

Jimmy Butler Proud
Embiid UFC Belt

All images via Black Adam Schefter FB page

Simmons Towns Choke Hold

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