12 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Crushed by the Houston Texans

12 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Crushed by the Houston Texans

Patriots Logo Crying Jordan

Meme makers were happy to jump on the opportunity of Tom Brady having another bad game, this time also costing the New England Patriots a win, losing to the Houston Texans and giving up the #1 seed in the AFC.

And those are the two narratives to take from this game: The Patriots not being the best in the AFC. Road games against good teams have ended in losses for them this season, suggeting those claiming they’ve had a soft schedule were right.

And then there’s Brady, having another rough outing. Not just in his ability and numbers (garbage time touchdowns helped him out), but in his agitated behavior towards the referees and overall in the game.

Does this say something about the Texans? They’re a team to take seriously. Not favorites in the AFC or anything, but certainly, with a healthy Deshaun Watson, considering them as Dark Horse Super Bowl candidates isn’t out of the question.

Texans Better Than Cowboys
America Won
Passing the Torch

The Ravens, following their win over the San Francisco 49ers, are first in the AFC with a 10-2 record, leading the Pats in the head-to-head.

Y'all got more NFC East Teams
Steve Belichick is Lester
Tom Brady Whining to the Referees

But as fun as it is to make fun of the Patriots, they’re still perfect at home. Their 4-game remaining schedule is very likely to go 4-0.

Tom Brady Dirty Touching
Steve Belichick Haircut
Patriots Fans Crying

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Next Week We Cheat
Sleep well when the pats lose

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