Top 3 Destinations for Tom Brady

Top 3 Destinations for Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady revealed that he isn’t willing to retire yet. In his post on Instagram, the six-time Super Bowl champion stated that he still has a lot to prove and show, which is an obvious indication that he isn’t going to stop playing.

But if Patriots decide not to offer him a new contract, where will he go? We have three destinations ready for you.

1) Cincinnati Bengals

Brady is the all-time greatest on the quarterback position, and the Bengals have the No.1 pick this season. They will either go for Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa and is there a better way for these two to develop than to learn from the best ever? Yes, it does sounds crazy, but Aaron Rodgers too waited for some time before replacing Brett Favre. And after all, we didn’t see over the last few years that one rookie QB who became an immediate starter, led his team to some noticeable success. Lamar Jackson was a replacement at first; don’t forget that. So the Bengals are looking pretty interesting.

2) Chicago Bears

The franchise from the Windy City and Matt Nagy are desperate to find a quarterback. Mitch Trubisky turned out to be a bust (yes he is, don’t try to justify him in any way), and the Bears are looking for a QB who will make their offense at least an average one, as they have a tremendous defense which closes the games easily. With Brady, that will be more than average, and it is for sure, but the time frame for winning the Super Bowl, which is Chicago’s intention will be very limited.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are not going to offer an extension to Jameis Winston, as many believe at the moment. In that case, they would be a perfect destination for Brady for various reasons. First, they don’t have a potential long-term prospect on the QB position and are yet to see what the market offers or evaluate guys from college. On the other side, even when they do all that, there is still one year probably left for that chosen one to learn from Brady and adjust to the team.

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