Australian Open Fun Facts

Australian Open Fun Facts

The Australian Open reached its closing stage. The finals of the first Grand Slam of the season are on the menu this weekend, and we just can’t wait to see who is going to lift the trophy in both competitions.

But before the matches begin, let’s run through some interesting and relaxing facts considering Australian Open you might find amusing.

  • One of the finalists in Sunday meeting, Novak Djokovic, participated in the longest finals here in Melbourne. Back in 2012, he defeated Rafael Nadal after five hours and 53 minutes.
  • The first edition of the Australian Open took place in 1905. Rodney Heath was the inaugural winner of the competition. The first female tournament was held in 1922, and Margaret Molesworth won it.
  • More than 41,000 tennis balls are used during each edition.
  • Did you know that the Aussie Open was first played on grass, and then in 1988 transferred to the hard surface? The only player who won it on both turfs was Mats Wilander.
  • Up until 1987, the tournament was played all over Australia, but after that, Melbourne became its permanent residence.
  • Ken Rosewall was the youngest winner of the tournament, with just 18 years and two months. He won his first title in 1953. Nineteen years later, he repeated the same success.
  • The youngest female champion was Martina Hingis, with 16 years and three months. She is also the youngest ever Grand Slam winner. She captured her title here in Melbourne back in 1997.
  • With 46 years of age, Martina Navratilova won the mixed double competition with Leander Paes in 2003.
  • The Australian Open winner receives $4,12 million.
  • Mark Edmondson was the last Aussie champion in the men’s competition, while among females, Chris O’Neil lifted the trophy back in 1978, two years after Edmondson.
  • Margaret Court not only has 11 singles title, but also has 7 doubles and 4 mixed doubles trophies.
  • Jack Crawford has 11 titles, but that was before the Open Era.
  • Thelma Coyne Long has 13 women’s double titles.
  • The last winners are Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka, and they both aren’t going to defend their respective crowns.
  • Rod Laver Arena can accept 14,820 spectators, Melbourne Arena 10,500, while Margaret Court Arena happens to be the smallest one with 7,500 seats.

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