Will Novak Djokovic Become the Player With the Most Grand Slams in Tennis?

Will Novak Djokovic Become the Player With the Most Grand Slams in Tennis?

Paire beats Djokovic

The latest victory at the Australian Open has brought Novak Djokovic his 17th Grand Slam. At the moment, the Serbian fella is third on the all-time list behind Roger Federer with 20, and Rafael Nadal with 19 GS titles.

Here is the list of the most successful Grand Slam winners of all time (Top 9):

RankPlayerTotalYearsWimbledonUS OpenFrench OpenAustralian Open
1Roger Federer202003–20188516
2Rafael Nadal192005–201924121
3Novak Djokovic172008–20205318
4Pete Sampras141990–20027502
5Roy Emerson121961–19672226
6Rod Laver111960–19694223
Björn Borg111974–19815060
8Bill Tilden101920–19303700
9Fred Perry81933–19363311
Ken Rosewall81953–19720224
Jimmy Connors81974–19832501
Ivan Lendl81984–19900332
Andre Agassi81992–20031214

For a long time, the experts and the fans around the world are debating about the possibility of the Serbian becoming the No.1 player in that category. And to be honest, his prospects are looking quite good.

Without a doubt, Novak was the most dominant tennis player in the last decade, winning 15 Grand Slam titles during that stretch. Rafael Nadal is behind him with 13, while Roger Federer has only five. Interestingly, Stan Wawrinka has three of them, and along with the retired Andy Murray, he closes the list of multiple winners. Apart from the Swiss, who also had 15 GS titles in one decade (the 2000s), no one managed to achieve this. Though his competition was much easier at the time.

Now, to talk about Djokovic and his prospects for eclipsing Rafa and Roger. We are pretty sure that FedEx can’t play more than until the end of this year, and that he has maybe one more Grand Slam title to win.

Meanwhile, Rafa is indicating that he might slow down and that apart from Roland Garros, he won’t be able to do much harm on other surfaces.

Now that leaves the path open for Djokovic, but do know that he has young lions waiting for him on that road. Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, all these guys are yet to reach their peak and to win titles.

So, Novak’s prospects of becoming the No.1 player on the all-time list of Grand Slams are good, but he would need to win at least one more this season because the time is his biggest enemy. With almost 33 years of age, his tennis life is reaching its end. It is hard to believe that he lasts like Roger. So what do you think will Djokovic will become the Player With the Most Grand Slams? It will be hard to bet against it.

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