FPL News: Manchester City vs. West Ham Match Postponement and What Does It Means for Your FPL Team

FPL News: Manchester City vs. West Ham Match Postponement and What Does It Means for Your FPL Team

When you play FPL a lot of things can happen, your best player might catch a cold and not play, and rotations can hurt you. Unexpected red cards, injuries, lengthy suspensions, and the list goes on and on. At the end of the day, it’s all part of the game.

Let’s Face It, It’s tough to play a full FPL season without experiencing a ridiculous situation where your player/players didn’t play due to a reason that happened out of nowhere. That being said, today, a lot of managers have experienced some terrible luck as the game between w. A crazy and unexpected situation that mainly affected managers who have wildcarded early on or ones that planed to gamble on Aguero/Mahrez or other FPL assets from City or Westham United.

Manchester City vs. West Ham United Match has been Postponed

A couple of hours before the game, the game between City and Westham had been called off due to severe weather conditions. Leaving thousands of FPL managers and soccer fans around the world in shock. The Irony is that after the game had been called off, the weather suddenly changed for the better, but it was already too late.


When will Manchester City vs. West Ham be replayed?

The short answer, we still don’t know. There is a chance this game will still be played during GW26, and there is a chance the game will be pushed to GW29 or even rescheduled to a later date during the season. One thing is for sure, and If the match between the teams won’t happen in GW26 is over, it means that both sides will have a DGW later on this season. Follow Ben Crellin on Twitter for more updates and rescheduled date options.

What does the match postponement mean FPL Wise?

Since the game was postponed, it also sadly means that managers who had KDB, Aguero, Mahrez, Haller, or other City or Westham United players in their teams will get 0 points from their players this game week. In case you captained one of these players, your Vice-Captain will become your Captain for gw26. If your VC is also not playing this GW, then you are really out of luck.

Now it’s the time for your bench players to shine and to save the GW. If you have playable bench players coming from your bench (Lord Lundstram, anyone?) the game postponement can be less painful. Otherwise, it’s another rare case of bad luck, exactly like managers who used the Triple Captain chip on Sadio Mane this FPL season or ones who used that chip on Leroy Sane last year experienced.

If you are one of those FPL managers who have experienced all three scenarios, I’m sorry to tell you that you are officially jinxed and probably consider stop playing FPL and take a small break.

One important thing to consider is that Manchester City (and Westham United) will have Double gameweeks ( will play twice during one game week) in the near future and it can happen sooner than later. So make sure you follow the game news and updates carefully and once the game’s new date is finalized, start planning to double-up or even triple-up on FPL assets from Manchester City (or Westham United if you really insist).

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