What Will Happen With Manchester City?

What Will Happen With Manchester City?

Manchester City

After UEFA revealed the suspension sentenced to Manchester City late this week, many rumors appeared about the future of the English champions. There are a lot of interesting questions circling around the internet, and we will try to answer a few of them.

What Happens With the Players?

There is one scenario that suggests that all the players under contract could get their freedom after the suspension. We are not going to get too detailed in the law formalities, but according to all the experts, this scenario is highly unlikely.

But then again, be sure that some of the players would ask for a transfer permit. Nobody would want to play for a team that can’t participate in the European competitions. That especially goes for the older players who might not get another chance to win the Champions League due to their age.

It will be interesting to see what will be the decision of the team’s core. De Bruyne, Jesus, both Silvas, and the goalkeeper Ederson all of them will have to make tough choices. All of them are worshipped among the fans, and we will see how they plan to handle this situation.

Some sources are saying that Sergio Aguero isn’t willing to leave the club no matter the situation. Allegedly the Argentinian striker wishes to remain faithful to the team, which allowed him to become champion and to lift trophies almost regularly.

The Guardiola Factor

Pep Guardiola will most probably leave the club. The Spaniard already gave some hints at the start of the season that he isn’t willing to extend his contract. By the way his current deal expires this summer.

Guardiola already tried to leave Etihad at the start of the season, once he reportedly negotiated with Juventus. However, nothing happened back then, and the Spanish manager stayed in England.


Having in mind that the situation in the Italian powerhouse is not good at all, we might see a bit different scenario in the upcoming time.

Also, his Barcelona experiences all sorts of troubles. It wouldn’t be odd to see Pep back at Camp Nou, where he became one of the most respected coaches in the world.

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