Why is Alex Ferguson so Angry?

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Something snapped, or broke the Scottish Manager’s back. Maybe it was the billboard signs plastered around Manchester of Carlos Tevez in the City blue with a writing saying – “Welcome to Manchester”? Maybe it was Mark Hughes’ team actually signing Carlos Tevez, who then attacked Ferguson, saying he is one of the reasons he never wanted to stay at United? Maybe he’s realized that City are the new threat on United’s league title, which they have won for three consecutive seasons and 18 overall, with the next one that will come will make United the all time leaders in league titles, alone, without Liverpool sharing the top spot.

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Whatever it was, Fergie is red mad. Today Ferguson claimed that Adebayor was offered to both his team and Chelsea before settling for a lesser team but more money at Manchester with City. He said that Adebayor was desperate to land at either United or Chelsea, but the money offered by Manchester City was too much for him to turn down. Ferguson claimed that players come to City only for the money and they don’t really want to play for the club. Maybe… but that’s how Chelsea began six years ago under Abramovich, and they won two league titles.

About the whole “Welcome to Manchester” signs, Ferguson said – “They are a small club with a small mentality. All they can talk about is Manchester United; they can’t get away from it.They think taking Carlos Tevez away from Manchester United is a triumph. It is poor stuff.”

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Ferguson tends to sniff out for new competitors over United’s domination in the Premiership – it was like that with Wenger, with “the special one” and with Benitez, who he also referred to today, going back to the hand signs from last year’s Liverpool thrashing of Blackburn, saying Rafa Benitez made insulting hand gestures, referring to Blackburn being “finished”. Is it the same story now with Hughes and Manchester City? Maybe. United have offloaded their biggest star of the last three years, Cristiano Ronaldo, to Real Madrid, and Ferguson’s summer signings have been criticized by the media (Owen, Antonio Valencia and Gabriel Obertan). Is it getting to Ferguson, or is he just starting his psychological wars early this season?

I think Alex Ferguson is sensing the City won’t be as weak and unstable as last season, when they finished disappointingly at 10th. They’re going to challenge for a Champions League spot or even more, and Ferguson is being Ferguson – he senses a threat to his precious, and he won’t have it. Don’t wait too long, and Carlo Ancelotti will be the next manager on Ferguson’s lips.

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