Wolfsburg Beat Stuttgart on Opening Night

GrafiteImage: Source

Great start for the champions and their new manager and former Stuttgart manager, Armin Veh. Wolfsburg beat Stuttgart on the opening match of the Bundesliga for 2009-2010, with Zvjezdan Misimovic and Grafite scoring in the 2-0 win.

Stuttgart looked more dangerous in the first half, with Pavel Progebnyak, the fresh signing from Russia starting only days after his arrival. Wolfsburg quickly turned things round in the second half and began dominating the game and the number of chances, with Jens Lehmann at the Stuttgart goal keeping his team from conceding. Finally, the deadlock was broken in the 71st minute by Misimovic, who scored a nice curling shot off of Dzeko’s assist. It was Grafite in the 82nd minute, the man who scored 28 goals last season that sealed the score, easily penetrating Stuttgart’s dwindled defense and beating a helpless Lehmann. Great start for the Wolves, beating one of their rivals for the title, according to preseason projections.

Misimovic, 71st minute

Grafite, 83rd minute

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