Longest Title Droughts in English Football

Sergio Aguero’s goal three minutes into stoppage time gave Manchester City their third league title and first in 44 years. While being a very very long time to wait between titles, it’s still not the longest fans had to endure before witnessing glory once again.

When Manchester United won their title in 1993, what began their Premier League domination, it was their first championship since 1967, won during the days of Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law and George Best. Liverpool had a 24 year drought between their title in 1923 and their title in 1947, under manager George Kay.They had to wait 17 more years before winning their next one, which opened up a 26 year period with 13 league titles, not to mention European Glory. They’re still waiting for their 19th championship, with the last one coming in 1990.

Arsenal never had that long of a wait, but they pretty much spent the entire 1970’s and 1980’s waiting for a league title, until that Michael Thomas goal at Anfield in 1989. George Graham, who played for Arsenal during their 1971 title run also managed the team back into silverware in 1989 and 1991.

Everton, winners of nine championships, had to wait 24 years between their 1939 title and the one coming in 1963, under manager Harry Catterick, who led the club to the title twice. Their last league title came in 1987, 25 years and counting. Aston Villa fans had to wait 71 years for their seventh league title. The club won six between 1894-1910, and under Ron Saunders, they finished above Ipswich and Arsenal. A year later they won the European Cup.

When Chelsea won their second league title in 2005 under Jose Mourinho, it ended a 50 year wait. There were FA Cup’s and European trophies in the years between, but there weren’t many fans in the modern Stamford Bridge who remembered the days of Roy Bentley and John McNichol.

Manchester City had Neil Young, Mike Sumerbee, Francis Lee and Colin Bell when they won their last title in 1968, very different days from the new side, the richest side in Europe, and finally, after 44 years, with a last gasp goal by Sergio Aguero, also champions.

Another incredible long wait was for Blackburn Rovers, who won the title under Kenny Dalglish and the S.A.S partnership of Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton. That season in 1994-1995 also came to a deciding final day, when Manchester United couldn’t capitalize on Liverpool beating Blackburn 2-0, drawing with West Ham. Blackburn ended a 81 year wait for their third league title.

Burnley FC haven’t been a force in English football for years; Their return to the Premier League in 2009 was their first appearance in the first tier of English football since the 1970’s. They do have two league titles – One in 1921, with Joe Anderson and Bob Kelly as their so called stars, and the second after 39 years, with Jimmy Adamson and Jimmy McIlroy in midfield.

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