Chelsea Triumphant in London Derby, Beat Tottenham 3-0

Ashley ColeImage: Source

Tottenham came to play… for 15 minutes, and than Chelsea took over the field, and the Ancelotti boys picked Tottenham’s defense apart. Ashley Cole off a Drogba cross, Drogba off a Ashley Cole assist and in the midst a Michael Ballack goal as Tottenham proved that any hopes of them challenging for a title after their first four games this season were premature. Top four team? Maybe, but they way they folded to United and Chelsea in the past week points to a lower league position.

Chelsea, who are now the only perfect team in the Premiership with six wins and 18 points will look for tonight’s or tomorrow’s doctors observation of Drogba’s injury, who came off the pitch in the 84th minute. The Ivory Coast striker has scored five goals for The Blues this season so far.

Sebastien Bassonga, Tottenham’s Cameroonian defender was also taken off the pitch due to a probable neck injury, and hopefully it’ll turn out to be nothing too serious.

Ashley Cole, 32nd minute

Michael Ballack, 58th minute

Didier Drogba, 63rd minute

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