Kuyt’s Goal Gives Liverpool 1-0 Win & Sweep Over Everton in 2009-2010

Dirk Kuyt

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One of the more aggressive and violent matches in the 2009-2010 premiership season saw Dirk Kuyt score for Liverpool, giving them a second win this season over city rivals Everton and pushing the reds back into fourth place, staying strong in the race for the final champions league spot.

The first half was more tackles and dirty plays than actual football for the first 30-35 minutes, unti Kyrgiakos and Fellaini collided, with Liverpool’s Greek seeing the red card and the Belgian giant seeing the stretcher.

Sotirios Kyrgiakos getting sent off finally cooled the match down (until the closing minutes when it heated up again), and probably gave Liverpool a slight edge in all of the 50-50 calls, as Atkinson probably felt he should have left Everton with 10 men as well in the first half. Liverpool didn’t look inferior with 10 men, just more combative and looking like they wanted the win more. Javier Mascherano, Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt were everywhere, with Kuyt putting in the crucial touch off a Gerrard corner in the 55th minute.

Dirk Kuyt scored his fourth goal in the Merseyside derby including and his fourth goal in the last five premiership matches, making it nine so far this season. Afterwards, it was mostly ineffective Everton pressure, a whole lot of grinding, sliding, fighting and hitting which eventually led to a very frustrated Steven Pienaar receiving a red card in injury time. Everton’s attempts for a continental qualification suffered a tough blow, while Liverpool continue their improved form (7 unbeaten matches), winning their 70th league derby, remaining undefeated against Everton since September 2006 and at Anfield against Eveton since September 1999. Next up? Arsenal, who face Chelsea tomorrow.

Dirk Kuyt, 55th minute

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