Elia’s Enterance Sparks Dutch Win Over Denmark

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Germany’s 4-0 win over Australia opened our appetite, making us think that the goal glut is about to begin. Wrong. Morten Olsen had no intention of allowing the Dutch doing to his side what Germany did to the Socceroos last night, and played a very tight and conservative game, broken only by Simon Poulsen’s own goal in the opening second of the second half.

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This forced the Danes to open things up a bit, but only after Hamburg’s Eljiro Elia came in from the lackluster Van der Vaart, did the Dutch start showing some flash and flair, while Olsen’s subs (Gronkaek, Eriksen and Beckmann) seemed to do nothing for the game at all. In the 85th minute the Dutch got the second goal they deserved, with Elia hitting the post after a fab Sneijder feed, and Dirk Kuyt beating two Danish players, finishing with an easy put-in rebound.

Simon Poulsen (Own Goal), 46th Minute

Dirk Kuyt, 85th Minute

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