2014 World Cup – Best Fan Photos From Day 3

2014 World Cup – Best Fan Photos From Day 3

One of the most beautiful things about the World Cup isn’t the football but the gathering of fans from all over the world. The colors, the noises, the sounds and the differences between people from all around the world. On day 3 it came in the form or the plentiful English, the always original Japanese, the noisy and pretty Colombians and the fun and colorful Ivory Coast crowd.

The Greeks are one of the teams with the fewest fans supporting them in this tournament, although we haven’t seen everyone yet. Colombia brought in big numbers to their match against Greece as expected and at the moment, they’re tied with Chile for the noisiest and probably best fans in the tournament.

The Italians (many of them Brazilians) made plenty of noise in the match against England, drowning the depressed 30,000 English fans who made their way to Brazil, although English fans are rarely too supportive when its the nation and not their club.

Japanese fans might be the most original in terms of costumes from what we’ve seen so far in the tournament, but it didn’t really help them against the Ivory Coast. Nothing special was noted in the match between Uruguay and Costa Rica, although the high depression levels inside the stadium, with a majority of Uruguay fans filling the stands, were hard to ignore.

Colombia vs Greece

Colombia Fan Colombia Fan II The Mask Spreading the flag Colombia Fan III Greek Family

Uruguay vs Costa Rica

Scarf Shout Sing And Costa Rica were there too

England vs Italy

Getting Ready Be Prepared Medieval Selfie Indiano Shrek & the Cup

Ivory Coast vs Japan

Japanese smile In the rain CNSE Drogba's Fan

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