NFL Rumors – San Diego Chargers Interested in Drafting Marcus Mariota; Trading Philip Rivers?

NFL Rumors – San Diego Chargers Interested in Drafting Marcus Mariota; Trading Philip Rivers?

Marcus Mariota, Philip Rivers

The San Diego Chargers might be moving cities pretty soon. That makes Philip Rivers question his future with the team and his contract running out at the end of this season. It also opens up the possibility for the team to draft a quarterback in 2015. Maybe even Marcus Mariota?

Does this even make sense? Rivers, 33, has played his entire career (since 2004) with the Chargers, and hasn’t missed a single game since 2006, 144 consecutive starts. He wants to retire with the Chargers, in San Diego. His general managers, Tom Telesco, said it’s a franchise priority that Rivers retires as a San Diego Chargers player. But there haven’t been any talks between the sides regarding an extension.

Obviously, the Chargers can always use the franchise tag on Rivers, which comes to quite a lot of money these days for quarterbacks. However, that’s not the only option on the table, if they’re looking towards the future and maybe thinking that Rivers’ days as a premier quarterback might be coming to an end pretty soon.

The Chargers are scheduled to work out Mariota, and while that alone means nothing, the situation with Rivers puts a different twist on the story. The Chargers would need to do some massive trading up to get Mariota, who is projected to be the second quarterback off the board, probably at #6. The Chargers have the #17 pick. The match doesn’t seem to work.

But some teams want a quarterback now. The Tennessee Titans who have the #2 overall pick, for example. Their head coach, Ken Whisenhunt, was the offensive coordinator for the Chargers in 2013, Rivers’ best not just in recent years but probably his career. A reunion between the two sounds like something that both would like to happen. It also puts Rivers closer to Alabama, where he grew up.

Right now this is only speculating and dreaming out loud. But stranger things have happened. Rivers has just one more year in San Diego, and although the talk about a cloudy future just might be some negotiating tactic, it could actually mean there’s a possibility he actually plays for someone else. If the Chargers are impressed with Mariota after he works out for them, trading Rivers to get a high draft pick won’t sound so unreasonable anymore.

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