NFL Rumors – New York Jets Don’t Want Geno Smith Anymore

NFL Rumors – New York Jets Don’t Want Geno Smith Anymore

Geno Smith

Two disappointing seasons from Geno Smith might be enough for the New York Jets, possibly looking to draft their next potential solution at quarterback, be it Marcus Mariota, Brett Hundley or even Bryce Petty.

Smith has gone 11-18 as a starter in 2013 and 2014, completing just 57.5% of his passes, throwing 25 touchdowns and 34 interceptions. Last season, at least statistically, looked a bit better, but overall Smith has done nothing to install confidence in the changing regime. Maybe the transfer of power to a new head coach and general manager is the biggest problem for the second round pick in 2013.

The Jets have Todd Bowles at head coach and Mike Maccagnan at general manager. Both of them had nothing to do with Smith getting selected two years ago. It makes sense for them to at least consider picking a quarterback to replace him. With the sixth overall pick, it’s risky to wait for Mariota who might be taken earlier. But it’s probably not going to take too much for them to move up and switch places with the Titans.

There’s always the option of selecting a quarterback a bit later on, but that’s a more risky approach, especially if they’re planning to quickly change the man sitting behind center. Both Brett Hundley (out of UCLA) and Bryce Petty (Baylor) might become successful NFL quarterbacks, but right now it seems like something of a long shot.

The certain thing is that Smith is heading into next season with the least amount of confidence to back him up compared to the previous years. As a rookie he lucked out that Mark Sanchez got injured, earning him the starting spot, resulting in a season that did have some moments of promise. He didn’t seem to develop in year two, with Michael Vick waiting behind him and sometimes coming in for him during games. This season, the leash is much shorter, and maybe he’ll face zero patience from the coaching staff if he keeps up putting up abysmal numbers and performances.

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