NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns & Tennessee Titans in Massive Trade Talks

NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns & Tennessee Titans in Massive Trade Talks

Marcus Mariota

It seems like the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly are defining this NFL offseason with the moves they’re making. Right now, the discussed mega trade will send Sam Bradford to the Cleveland Browns and with an addition of more picks and names will eventually land the number two draft pick from the Tennessee Titans so Marcus Mariota can be drafted.

Kelly has been quite busy since assuming control of personnel decisions in Philadelphia. He has re-signed Mark Sanchez, added Tim Tebow, traded LeSean McCoy, signed DeMarco Murray, cleared a lot of cap space and surprised many by going for Sam Bradford, as in the often injured former Rams quarterback, while sending Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams.

So is Kelly simply winging it or is there a big plan going on in the back of his head? Kelly said that Bradford wasn’t brought over as a piece in another trade, but maybe we should stop believing what coaches and players say. If Kelly does indeed want Mariota, he’s willing to change the entire offense in order to draft someone he helped coach into amateur greatness.

So how does it happen? The suggested course of action is Sam Bradford going to the Browns for the 19th overall pick, although why should the Browns use a first round draft pick on a risky quarterback who probably won’t sign with them after the season ends and won’t take a contract extension upon arrival? The rumors suggest the Browns are still interested in Bradford, even if it’s a one-year thing.

Then, with the 19th and 20th overall picks, plus the talents of linebacker Mychal Kendricks and defensive end Fletcher Cox, Kelly will convince the Titans to give up the number two pick. Meanwhile, the Titans are supposedly dreaming of landing Philip Rivers with that number two pick, sending it to the San Diego Chargers. But maybe what the Eagles are offering is too good to turn down.

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