NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles & Cleveland Browns Desperate to Draft Marcus Mariota

NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles & Cleveland Browns Desperate to Draft Marcus Mariota

Chip Kelly, Marcus Mariota

The biggest thing going on as we get closer to the NFL draft is what the Tennessee Titans will do with their number two overall pick. Keep it, or trade it to the Philadelphia Eagles or Cleveland Browns, both interested in drafting Marcus Mariota.

Over the last couple of weeks Mariota has skyrocketed in the appreciation meter of scouts and general managers, suddenly overtaking Jameis Winston as the best quarterback and overall player in this draft class. But where does he land? The Titans possibly prefer a pass rusher to Mariota, or simply prefer a gluttony of players and picks to a quarterback they’ve never been too interested in, at least publicly.

The Eagles don’t have enough to trade with the Titans for the number two pick, so they’ve been trying to get the Browns sold on Sam Bradford in order to get a first round pick from them. And the Browns don’t mind adding Bradford and giving up a first rounder for him, but Bradford has no intention of extending his contract, which runs out at the end of this season, with anyone but the Eagles.

Hypothetically, if that deal does go through, the Eagles will trade two first round picks (12 and 20) with two more players for the number two overall pick and select Mariota. Basically, they’re doing everything possible to try and land a quarterback Chip Kelly coached at Oregon, although right now it seems quite a distant dream for them.

The Browns, not liking the Eagles’ package enough, are going after Mariota themselves, a year after drafting Johnny Manziel in the first round, a move that has so far resulted in him going through rehab and now trying to once again win a spot that will eventually get him some time on the field. Only the Browns aren’t offering enough to convince the Titans to agree.

The Browns have offered two first round picks for the number two overall selection the Titans have. Tennessee, maybe watching the movie ‘Draft Day’ too many times, are asking for three number one picks. Eventually, it comes down to who the Browns want more; Bradford or Mariota. The Titans won’t get the Philip Rivers trade they’ve been fancying, and Mariota isn’t someone they were planning on taking at number two.

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