41 Best Memes of Geno Smith Getting His Jaw Broken by I.K. Enemkpali

41 Best Memes of Geno Smith Getting His Jaw Broken by I.K. Enemkpali

It probably says something about us as a society that so many memes (And good ones) came out minutes after it was known that I.K. Enemkpali sucker punched Geno Smith and broke his jaw, leaving the New York Jets without their starting quarterback.

Enemkpali punched Geno Smith because of $600. Enemkpali paid for a ticket Smith never used to go to Enemkpali’s football camp in Texas last month. Smith told him he’d pay him back but didn’t, or was going to and didn’t get to it. In any case, the two of them got into some sort of altercation. The result? Smith out for six to 10 weeks, while Enemkpali is released from the team.

From the vocal fans on the Internet, it seems Jets fans are mostly happy with Smith being injured. Many of them didn’t want to see him starting for the team after two disappointing first years in the league. Now they’ll have Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback. Probably a better player, but still, enjoying your own player getting hurt and pretty badly does seem a little bit strange.

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