NFL Rumors – New York Jets Are the Next Team to Send Matt Flynn Packing

Matt Flynn

The incredible and weird NFL career Matt Flynn has continues to take hits as the New York Jets release him prior to the beginning of the 2015 NFL season.

This means Flynn has been now on six different teams over the last 3.5 years, starting a total of five games, amounting to 498 snaps and making $15.59 million in the process.

Flynn was picked up by the Jets after Geno Smith was injured (more like attacked by his own teammate) but was never in contention for a starting spot. While Smith is out, it’s Ryan Fitzpatrick who’ll be the team’s starting quarterback. Flynn? Just like always, he was designated to be a backup at best.

And that’s been the career of Flynn. He backed up Aaron Rodgers at Green Bay on two separate tenures. One garbage time start in 2011 landed him a big deal and starting spot on the Seattle Seahawks, but he lost it in training camp to Russell Wilson, and we all know how that worked out. From the Seahawks to the Raiders where he lost another starting job, and from there it was back to Green Bay and ¬†then moving around the league, including a short tenure with the New England Patriots, cutting him loose before the preseason began.

Maybe it’s over for Flynn, who announced he’s heading to Louisiana and figure out what’s the next step for him. He had a fantastic college career at LSU but in the NFL things didn’t turn out well for him. He had one record breaking start for the Packers in 2011, and that’s probably going to be his legacy in the league. Not too bad compared to the rest of the population, but he, and everyone else, thought there was going to be more.

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