Serie A Goals & Highlights – Juventus vs Milan

Serie A Goals & Highlights – Juventus vs Milan

Paulo Dybala

What used to be the biggest match in the world resembles nothing like that, as Juventus claim an important 1-0 win over Milan through Paulo Dybala to get a bit closer to where they’ve been used to this season.

Dybala, Juventus’ best player this season, capped off a fine move by Alex Sandro to score the only goal in the match and help Juventus switch places with Milan in the Serie A table, moving up to sixth place. It still puts them six points with one more match than Fiorentina for the top spot in the league, but after such a slow start, the four-time in a row champions are finding the right kind of form and most importantly, picking up the points.

Milan? While this season hasn’t started with too many expectations, it seems like they’re still well below the level necessary not just to contend for a title, but compete for a Champions League spot. Teenager Gianluigi Donnarumma was their best player on the pitch, and not for the first time. They might not be losing too often or by a lot, but the aspirations of slowly making their way back to the important part of Italian football is going to take some time, especially when they find it almost impossible to create any sort of chance against a Juventus team that’s still trying to shake off the loss of so many key players this summer.


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