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  • Louisville, Syracuse, Michigan, VCU & Arizona Make it Look Easy; Marquette & Gonzaga Not so Much

    Louisville, Syracuse, Michigan, VCU & Arizona Make it Look Easy; Marquette & Gonzaga Not so Much

    In a first night of NCAA tournament basketball, we had one real clear upset, but quite a few games that went down to the wire that probably shouldn’t have, including Gonzaga being pushed by Southern and Marquette barely getting by Davidson, thanks to a last-second layup by Vander Blue. On the other side of the equation, teams like Louisville, Syracuse, Michigan, VCU and Arizona, big favorites to begin with, didn’t really have any trouble with their opponents.

  • NCAA Tournament Upsets in Second Round

    NCAA Tournament Upsets in Second Round

    Four upsets, meaning lower seeds being higher ranked teams, occurred on the opening day of the real NCAA tournament, as Harvard pulled off the biggest one with a win over New Mexico, followed by California upsetting UNLV, Wichita State destroying rather easily the Pittsburgh Panthers while Oregon beating Oklahoma State was a shocker considering the seeding, but most people weren’t that surprised.

  • March Madness Coffee Break Planner

    March Madness Coffee Break Planner

    As we speak, the NCAA tournament is on its way, with 8 games already completed. By the time you read this, the lineup of Thursday games will probably be over, with at least one number 1 seed, Gonzaga, showing everyone how tough it’s going to be, barely beating Southern. More important than the actual score, is planning how to work watching the games on Friday into your schedule.

  • 2013 NCAA Tournament – Day 1 Predictions

    The real first day of the NCAA tournament kicks off with the second round and two number one seeds, Gonzaga and Louisville, beginning their way, hopefully to the Final Four in Atlanta, with games against Southern and North Carolina A&T respectively, hoping not to make 2013 the year in which a 16th seed finally pulled off the biggest upset of them all.

  • The Sexy Version of the NCAA Tournament Bracket

    Who wins the NCAA tournament and whether or not we’re going to have, finally, a #1 team getting beat by a 16th seed isn’t the only thing that matters in the internet age of 2013. Sometimes, for some people, just getting a chance to argue about which school has the hottest fans or cheerleaders is enough.

  • 10 Most Valuable College Basketball Teams

    10 Most Valuable College Basketball Teams

    Based on the profits and numbers from the previous season, there’s one change to the top 10 most valuable college basketball programs in 2013, with Duke falling out and Michigan State heading in instead, while Louisville, Kansas and North Carolina composite the same (in slightly different order) top 3 from last year.

  • 2012 College Basketball Rankings – Final Coaches Poll

    Kentucky won the national title for the 8th time and the first since 1998, and the coaches found just enough time to squeeze in another final poll to determine who were the top 25 teams in the nation with the tournament as another way to gauge the field.

  • Lamb Too Much To Handle – Kentucky Win First National Championship Since 1998

    John Calipari won his first national title after three unsuccessful previous trips to the final four, leading Kentucky to their first title since 1998, despite the best player in 2011-2012, Anthony Davis, scoring only one field goal against a fighting Kansas Jayhawks team, that just didn’t have enough to keep up with the speed and talent of the Wildcats.

  • Kentucky vs Losuiville – A Final Four Turning a State Crazy

    Old men fighting during their dialysis treatment after getting into an argument about Louisville and Kentucky. Resteraunts and bars, usually neutral, choosing sides and inviting only blue or red fans for the game so fights don’t breakout. They will elsewhere I guess. Nothing like alcohol and good old-fashioned inner-state rivalry to get things going on. […]

  • Kentucky – Louisville Such a Final Four Attraction Because of Calipari – Pitino Rivalry

    Rick Pitino will make his sixth trip to the Final Four this weekend, his second with Louisville. For John Calipari, it’ll be his third visit to the national Semi Final, his second consecutive time with Kentucky. Like in that 1996 Semi Final between them, when Calipari was coaching UMass and Pitino was the Kentucky Head coach, all the focus is on them.