March Madness Coffee Break Planner

March Madness Coffee Break Planner

As we speak, the NCAA tournament is on its way, with 8 games already completed. By the time you read this, the lineup of Thursday games will probably be over, with at least one number 1 seed, Gonzaga, showing everyone how tough it’s going to be, barely beating Southern. More important than the actual score, is planning how to work watching the games on Friday into your schedule.

So what do you have to look forward to on Friday, at least during the working hours? Everyone’s most hated team, Duke, playing against Albany, hoping to not become the first ever number 2 seed to get knocked out twice in a row on their opening game of the tournament just after noon (12:15 PM ET).

Later on might be the best game of the day, as Wisconsin take on Ole Miss, while later on, if you haven’t skipped work early to enjoy a few drinks before kicking off your weekend of booze, basketball and more booze, is Creighton facing Cincinnati at 4:30, when you’re already at minimum working rate.

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