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  • 13 Best Memes Mocking the Browns, Dolphins & Steelers

    13 Best Memes Mocking the Browns, Dolphins & Steelers

    The Miami Dolphins? A disaster. The Cleveland Browns? Back to normal. The Pittsburgh Steelers? Stunningly humiliated. All deserved to be made fun of with memes.

  • Premier League – Week 1 Scores, Goals, Highlights & Table

    Premier League – Week 1 Scores, Goals, Highlights & Table

    In a thrilling kick off to the 2017-2018 Premier League season, Arsenal managed a late comeback against Leicester, Liverpool did the same against Watford only to concede in injury time and drop two points, champions Chelsea were stunned with 9 men at Stamford Bridge against Burnley while Wayne Wayne Rooney had a perfect return to […]

  • NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

    NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

    The post-week 1 Power Rankings rarely convey the true balance of power in the NFL, but it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say the Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers look like the best teams right now, while the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams as the absolute worst.

  • Ranking the NFL Quarterback Debuts on Their New Teams

    Ranking the NFL Quarterback Debuts on Their New Teams

    Seven quarterbacks made their first start for their new NFL teams in week 1 of the 2016 season. Some, like Carson Wentz and Jimmy Garoppolo, had a terrific performance they wouldn’t mind repeating. Others, like Robert Griffin III, had a day to forget.

  • NFL: Week 1 Standings & Scores

    NFL: Week 1 Standings & Scores

    The season opener was a Super Bowl rematch with the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers, and Cam Newton’s head. On the real season opener, the New England Patriots with Jimmy Garoppolo won on a late field goal against the Arizona Cardinals, Dak Prescott couldn’t save the Dallas Cowboys when facing the New York Giants, and Carson Wentz had a perfect debut for the Philadelphia Eagles in a win over the Cleveland Browns.

  • NFL: Week 1 Predictions

    NFL: Week 1 Predictions

    The Super Bowl rematch kicked off week 1 and the 2016 NFL Season, but the main course is the first Sunday of the new season, featuring a Sunday Night Football game between the Arizona Cardinals and a shorthanded New England Patriots team. The Seattle Seahawks open up at home against the Miami Dolphins, and the Dallas Cowboys open their season at home, with a rookie quarterback, in a divisional matchup against the New York Giants.

  • 2016 College Football Season: Week 1 Rankings

    2016 College Football Season: Week 1 Rankings

    The week 1 AP Top 25 offers little change in top 5, with Alabama and Clemson retaining their 1-2 spots, while Florida State, Ohio State and Michigan make minor advancements instead of Oklahoma and LSU, having huge falls after their losses. Houston rose to number 6 thanks to beating the Sooners, while Washington, Georgia and Wisconsin join Stanford to complete the top 10, while Florida were the only team that won and still dropped from the rankings.

  • College Football: Week 1 Scores & Standings

    The 2016 season began before this Saturday, but the main course was finally served, and included four ranked teams (Oklahoma, LSU, Texas A&M, USC) losing their season opener, Alabama crushing in a demonstration of what a number one team should be, and both Ohio State & Michigan breezing at home against week opposition. Clemson had to sweat to get their win, but even with an Auburn team having a rough time, their visit was never going to be easy.

  • 2016 College Football Season: Week 1 Friday Night Scores

    The foray into the 2016 college football season continued in friday night, as Stanford enjoyed another stellar performance from Christian McCaffrey to put away a pesky Kansas State team, Baylor had no problem dispatching of Northwestern State at home with Seth Russell doing a great job, and Michigan State struggled against FCS side Furman, not showing too much promise for the upcoming season.

  • 2016 College Football Season: Week 1 Thursday Night Scores

    Two ranked teams played on the Thursday that officially kicked off the 2016 college football season: Tennessee, struggling at home against Appalachian State, and Louisville, having no problem crushing Charlotte, as Lamar Jackson put on a show for the Cardinals, involved in 8 touchdown plays.