A History of Major Sports Leagues Lockouts and Strikes (Infographic)

    This current NBA Lockout isn’t the first time NBA players and owners have gone into dispute over the labor terms. This is actually the fourth time a lockout has occurred, although only once, in the 1998-1999 season, did it shorten the length of the regular season. Until now.

    This excellent and extensive Infographic, provided by Silver Oak Online Casino, shows in detail the history of the major sport leagues labor disputes, which always revolve around one thing – money. Although they use different names for it.

    But the NBA is not alone in this. The NFL had it’s share of problems, even this year, but things got resolved in time. Baseball? Three lockouts and five strikes, including one that lasted eight months, ending the 1994 season in August. The strike ended in April 1995, causing a shortened (144 games) 1995 season.

    The NFL had two players strikes, in 1982 and 1987, causing cancellations of regular season games. NHL? Plenty of that. A strike in 1992 in the middle of the season. In 1994-1995, nearly half the season was gone due to a lockout. In 2004-2005, an entire season was lost.