A Song of Football and Fire

    There’s something about fire, we all know that, that makes it impossible to take our eyes off it. The Light, the warmth, the danger. There are more than just a few reasons football fans around the world began using flares, and some of them aren’t for the good of the game or welfare of others.

    Still, when used in non-violent ways, it’s something special. The image of an entire stadium engulfed in red light and smoke has to get players’ blood rushing and pumping. Yes, it might cause a delay for a few minutes, but as long as it’s not thrown to the pitch or at other fans, the atmosphere it creates in unrivaled.

    The photo above was taken over six years ago during a Milan derby when things got out of hands. For some, like Peter, this is the best photo ever taken in a sports event. I prefer something involving Ali standing over Liston, but there’s a time and a place for everything. We’re about soccer fans and their flares today, with a title taken from my favorite fantasy Books series. Can’t wait for Season 2, and can’t wait for book #6, The Winds of Winter.  As I’ve said earlier, there’s a time and place for everything.


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