A Weekend in Heaven (NFL, Rugby World Cup, US Open and European Football)

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Short and simple – my weekend usually begins on Thursday, and this weekend is going to be especially great. Sports-wise, that is. Well? What do we have? The NFL, with a fantastic potential shootout between the champions, the Green Bay Packers and the previous champions, New Orleans Saints. A duel between Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Guess? Brees will finish with more yards and interceptions. Rodgers will get the W.

Way across the Pacific ocean, we got the Rugby Union World Cup opener. New Zealand get to host and be the favorites – a lethal combination, that doesn’t always work in one’s favor. Last hosts to win the World Cup? South Africa in 1995. Still, can’t wait to see the Haka open the tournament, in a match that will probably be a landslide victory for the All-Blacks over Tonga.

Back to the USA – New York is drier now, and tennis can be played again. A few hours before Federer gets his chance to play Tsonga, lets hope we don’t have anymore delays in the most fun Tennis tournament to watch. Don’t know why – just is.

And across the Oceans again, to Europe. International qualifiers are always depressing. Bad games, bad broadcasts. League matches always look much better a few days later – England, Spain, Germany and now Italy, with Serie A strike over. Can’t wait for Saturday.

Oh, and the NBA sides are finally talking to each other on consecutive days. We got an Adamek – Klitschko heavyweight title fight on Saturday. Man, September looks mighty fine right now.