A World Without Football

Being a sports site run by huge sports fans, be it for soccer, football, basketball, boxing and the rest, we take our sports and everything about them pretty seriously. Still, taking a laugh at some of your heroes, for example Steven Gerrard or Michael Owen for Liverpool fans like me, is good to help put things in perspective.

Darren Farley is one of the better impressionists around, especially for scousers or anyone involved with the Liverpool Football club. He became an internet sensation with his supermarket-staged impression tour de force. Things have gone pretty well for his ever since, it seems.

In his latest creation he gives us a world without football, and portrays several of England’s players – Gerrard, Rooney, Michael Owen, David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and also managers Fabio Capello, Mick McCarthy and Roy Hodgson as ordinary people, working ordinary lives, all with hilariousness factor he brings into it.