AC Milan – Calling Antonio Cassano a Traitor

The Milan derby between AC Milan and Inter was one of the weakest in recent memory, also suffering from a bit of an attention problem due to the Clasico taking places a few miles to the west. That didn’t stop Rossoneri fans from trying to get the attention of Antonio Cassano, who left them for their biggest rival.

Two fan signs made more noise than the rest, taking a direct stab at Antonio Cassano’s medical condition which kept him off the pitch for quite a while last season, when many thought he was done with the sport. He returned to help Milan finish second and had a pretty decent Euro 2012 with the Italian team.

Once he saw the yard sale going on at the San Siro, Cassano requested to be moved, getting that trade deal to Inter Milan, with Giampaolo Pazzini crossing the street in the other direction. In Italy, big clubs and huge rivals don’t fret doing business together.

Cassano traitor, give us back the defibrillator Cassano plays with his heart were the two outstanding demonstrations of hate for their former player, the latter being a pun on his health problems and his lack of loyalty to the club that stuck by him. Milan were fined €8000 after the match for fan behavior, which also included bottle throwing from the stands.

Maybe Silvio Berlusconi’s had enough, but he’s thinking about bringing Pep Guardiola for €6 million a season. The problem is, Guardiola is kinda chillaxing in New York and looking healthier than ever on his time away from the pressures of the sport. It also won’t really matter how much he’ll be paid, because this Milan squad can’t go really far without some proper investment in it. Patience isn’t something Italian owners are known for, and Pep will need plenty of time to steer this ship in the right direction. He should pass.

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