Adam Dunn Making Negative History

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Life has been hard for Adam Dunn in the American League, in Chicago, with the White Sox, as a DH. Worst season of his career? No doubt, but it isn’t just that. Dunn’s incredibly bad year which has already sent him to the dugout, losing his place in the lineup to Dayan Viciedo.

Well, how bad? Adam Dunn, with a career average of .244, is currently hitting .161. His strike out count? 161. He averages 163 K’s a season anyhow, but have his batting average collide with his striking out numbers? Historically bad.

Dunn hasn’t been getting too many chances in the lineup recently – only 12 at bats in September, only one hit. The home run machine in the NL, 354 homers in 10 seasons with the Reds, Diamondbacks and Nationals, not going below 38 the last seven seasons, including five consecutive 40+ seasons, can’t hit for power even. Just 11 home runs, .282 Slugging. About half his career number.

The Sox have given up on Dunn this season it seems. Maybe entirely. Ozzie Guillen – I think it’s very desperate and sad to see a guy go through what he’s been through but there is nothing you can do about it. You have to erase that and take every at-bat you have left and get the best at-bat you can and see what happens and get ready for next year. 

In terms of negative history being made, you only have to look back at last year – Mark Reynolds struck out 211 times and finished with a batting average of .198. The only time in MLB history that a hitter with more than 35 plate appearances had a strikeout total beating his batting average.

Luckily for Adam Dunn, he might not get enough chances this season to match up with Reynolds “achievement”.