Aguero and Tevez Looking for New Homes

Two Argentinian strikers, Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez. Both have just finished what was probably their best seasons in their career. Both want out, and it’s not surprising at all.

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Tevez, fresh off leading Manchester City to their best season in recent memory and winning the FA Cup, their first title since 1969, has been looking like a man unhappy with where he is, not matter how well he has been playing, for over a year now. He has scored 20 goals in 28 league matches for City this season, leading the Premier League scoring charts along with Dimitar Berbatov. Still, his on and off field relationship with Roberto Mancini has always looked shaky, and Tevez never seemed too happy with life in Manchester, Red or Blue, anyway.

There were talks of retiring from the game. Insane for a guy in his mid-20’s playing the best football of his life. Manchester City might not have the glory or history of a few other clubs around the continent, but big money creates big names. Just look at Chelsea. City, despite not wowing anyone most of the season, are in the right direction. They’ve finally made the Champions League and finally have a title as well. Thing are looking up, and with the summer signing season just around the corner, who knows what the oil money might bring in.

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Tevez? He’s been talking about returning to Boca Juniors. Something usually you’d expect from a Brazilian player who’s in his 30’s and just wants to party and drink while he plays a football match or two during the week while being revered as a god. Tevez has already won everything possible in South America. Is he so unhappy in England, in Europe? Or maybe this is just a way of trying to find himself wearing the Real Madrid white? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Just next door to Real Madrid is Sergio Aguero. The 23 year old finished with 20 goals this season while his long time partner Diego Forlan finished with only 8, a huge drop after his incredible World Cup. Aguero always said that when it’s time to leave, he’ll let the fans and everyone know. Well, he’s let it be known. Suitors? Well, Chelsea are the first name to come to mind, but they’re not the only player in the market. Real Madrid and Manchester City are always in contention for every player out there. Still, I don’t see Aguero making the switch to Real. Nothing short of evil doing in Atletico’s fans book.

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Don’t be surprised if some Italian bid comes flying through – AC Milan have always been more of a Brazilian side but they will be making some serious waves in their attempt to win the Champions League next year. Inter? Always fond of Argentinians, and if Juventus are to be taken seriously in the future, those big bids for big players have to start coming in.

Aguero will probably be going for the glory chances, and with the right man in Chelsea next year to provide a decent lure (Hiddink? Van Basten?), Aguero will be wearing blue. Liverpool might also be an option, with the new American money involved. Bottom line – Aguero seems Premier League bound. Who knows, maybe even teaming up with Tevez at Manchester after all?

One last fact about Aguero – Real Madrid do seem like the most passionate suitors at the moments and one of the few clubs who can meet the 45 million Euro release clause. Atletico’s CEO, Miguel Angel Girl, announced in response to the rumors that a specific clause has been inserted into Aguero’s contract, making it impossible for him to transfer across the street to Real Madrid. True or Fiction? We’ll know in a month or so I guess.