Alabama as BCS Champions – Good for College Football?

Alabama and the SEC came out as the big winners from New Orleans and the BCS Championship game. The LSU Tigers said goodbye to their perfect season and talks of one of the greatest teams ever, while the Tide rolled all over their SEC West rivals, capturing their second national title in three seasons with a 21-0 win.

Any thoughts of end-season controversy in terms of splitting the national title between the BCS and the AP poll went out the window. Oklahoma State did get four first place votes in the AP top 25 rankings, but Alabama’s case and victory in the final was so convincing, with their incredible defense smothering Jordan Jefferson. LSU had 92, 92 yards all night. We expected a defensive struggle, but no one saw something like this coming. LSU got only five first downs.

Atrocious offensive game plan, wrong quarterback for the game, have your pick. Nothing, absolutely nothing went right for LSU and Les Miles – I told my team I did not see it coming. And that’s my fault. I wish I could have done something to help them. I give credit to our opponent. Great playing.

But is this the game that’ll make the final push and get us a playoff? Might be. It seems that BCS officials will meet several times over the next six months to figure out how to change the current situation. Having three teams finish with pretty much the same record, leaving a lot of people wondering, isn’t healthy for the integrity of the sport. Ratings have shown that people care less and less about BCS bowl games, as they, hard to say, mean nothing after all.

There are plenty of options, and it’s also a question of when to start implementing these changes. As for this year, I guess it’s all a question of who you ask. Oklahoma State lost one game, and won their BCS bowl, beating Stanford. LSU lost one game and won the SEC. Alabama lost one game, to LSU, didn’t play for the SEC title, but got their revenge match. Sports, champions, shouldn’t be decided by polls and computers.

I’m sorry for Oklahoma State. I’d like to play them too. … But right now it’s our time. Why would we be concerned about what another team thinks? We won, we’ve got the trophy. Until they set up a national playoff, this is how it’s done. Tonight was our night.

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