Last Rant About Oklahoma State and Alabama

It’s been a few weeks now that we’ve been complaining about the whole Alabama getting chosen over Oklahoma State thing. It was easy to foresee, as it’s always easy to foresee the BCS making the money choice instead of the right choice, which happens to be the popular choice through the various polls conducted around the Internet. The Cowboys deserved to play against LSU for the national title, not Alabama.

The big schools enjoy the system, which always gives them a boost in the votes many times based on the name of the team as opposed to what they’ve actually achieved. Alabama, LSU, those are big names. It the Big 12 champions would have been Texas or Oklahoma, with two aggressive lobbyists such as Bob Stoops and Mack Brown, you can bet you a$$ we were having a Big 12 vs SEC in the BCS Championship game. Oklahoma State Cowboys? Not an attractive name, not enough.

Plenty of bowl games went for the bigger names. They always have. Boise State, who lost only one game all season, by one point, to TCU, didn’t get into a BCS bowl. Most likely that if they would have beaten the Horned Frogs, they would be playing for the national title against the BCS.

That one point was enough for the Sugar Bowl, for example, to pick preferable schools like Michigan and Virginia Tech, while Boise State will play in the Maaco bowl and Kansas State will play in the highly anticipated Cotton Bowl, facing Arkansas. The Razorbacks, with two losses this season, which came against LSU and Alabama.

We can go on and on about how the ACC with no teams in the Top 10 got two BCS births (Clemson and V-Tech). Life isn’t far, and the automatic qualifying conferences are becoming more and more unbearable with this protection they’re getting from playing non-AQ teams. With news of the Big East expanding and the whole realignment issues in College Football, that will change, but it shouldn’t be this way.

Conference Titles, especially in AQ conference that means so much to voters human polls, have to mean more than just another trophy in the cabinet. The whole hypocritical talk of the significance of every single game during the regular season sounds more and more ridiculous every time. The Cowboys won their conference. Alabama didn’t even play for theirs.

Oklahoma State beat more teams in the top 25 and top 50 than Alabama. Still, the voters focused on one thing, which hid the two main matters at hand. Those for the system and for Alabama said you need to compare the one loss and who was it two, not the wins. Eventually, Alabama means better ratings and more fans to the BCS. Them in the Ivory tower keeps ignoring what’s right for the game so they can have more money in what is Amateur sport, which has evolved into the NFL without paying the players. And without the playoffs.

I’ll finish with the something ridiculous I read on ESPN – The BCS is a flawed system that is frustrating in its very narrow inclusion of only two teams. But by being so exclusive, one of those two teams will have proven to have had the best season in college football by the time the final whistle blows on Jan. 9.

I’m pretty tired of hearing about it being a flawed systems. Everyone knows the flaws. The people who have to power to change just refuse to do so.