Alessandro Florenzi Scores Greatest Goal in Champions League History

Sometimes you realize you just saw something historic the moment it happened. Alessandro Florenzi of Roma scoring an incredible goal against Barcelona isn’t just the best we’ve seen in 2015 or we’ll see this season. It’s the greatest goal in the history of the Champions League.

Florenzi simply sprinted with the ball down the right wing and realized Ter Stegen, Barcelona’s mistake-prone goalkeeper, was way off the goal line. Part genius shot, part out of desperation because he had nothing else to do, the 24-year old right back took a shot and, hit the post and lifted the Olimpico on its feet.

At the time of the goal (31st minute) it was 1-1 in the group stage match, following Neymar scoring the opener in the 21st minute.

Alessandro Florenzi

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