Alex Ferguson Pisses Off Brendan Rodgers

Alex Ferguson, Brendan Rodgers

There are plenty of people angry at Alex Ferguson for taking out the trash from his days as a Manchester United manager and letting it out into the open just so he can sell more copies of his autobiography. Even though Brendan Rodgers wasn’t mentioned in the book, being a Liverpool manager made him feel more than slightly hurt for his team and his captain, Steven Gerrard.

It doesn’t even have to be about Liverpool. Rodgers is a manager, and there are plenty of people who feel that Ferguson simply took the stage to settle some old scores with rivals, players and some who probably thought they were his friends, breaking a few moral codes from dressing rooms all over the world.

Anyone who’s been in football knows that whatever is said behind closed doors and in the changing room is something you wouldn’t want to hear again. It’s something that’s vitally important. You want to know as a human being that you can speak openly and communication is honest, and hopefully wouldn’t get repeated. You would like to think you would still have some old school values and ethics that whatever is said you take it on the chin and keep it behind closed doors and move on.

Ferguson reserves a special place for hatred against Liverpool in his heart, so it’s no surprise that he found the time to have a dig or two at the club he dethroned from the top of English football during his 26 years at Manchester United, and even at Steven Gerrard, a player he actually tried to sign in 2005.

For Rodgers, it was just another excuse to defend his captain and have another go at Ferguson, who has shown a very ugly side that wasn’t very surprising to see.

I’ve watched Steven over many years and recognized he was a top player but it’s only when you come in and work with the man and realise how professional he is on a daily basis that you understand his performance level. This is a guy who at 33 years of age who is a top, top player. He’s a wonderful talent and I don’t think anyone could argue.

Rodgers made those comments to the Daily Mail and Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show.

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