Algerian Club MC Oran Releases Eav Jida Beacause He Played Football in Israel

MC Oran

It turns out that some places reject you for simply being associated with Israel in some way – you no longer have to be Israeli, Jewish or both. Cameroonian footballer Eav Jida learned that lesson after he was released by MC Oran of Algeria for his past with Israeli football clubs.

Jida played football for a number of Israeli clubs, including Hakoakh Ramat Gan, Maccabi Ahi Nazareth and FC Nazareth Illit in the past. He was invited to participate in trials for Mouloudia Club d’Oran, but never got a chance to actually put on their jersey.

Why? After already getting a hotel room and preparing in the morning to show what he has in order for the club to sign him, he was ordered to pack his things and leave the club after it turned out he has played in Israel, a country Algeria has no diplomatic relations with Israel, not recognizing its sovereignty as a state.

The club’s president, Ahmed “Baba” Belhadj, said that if they had known earlier about his previous playing history he would have never been invited by the club. He said it’s not a matter of being any good as a footballer, but of principles. Nothing personal.

The hate for anything Israeli, Zionist and Jewish (although people always love twisting the truth about that, suggesting their anti Israel feelings aren’t Antisemitic) crosses boundaries in surprising ways at times.