All 32 Kits of the 2014 World Cup

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One of the most interesting thing in every World Cup, and the 2014 Brazil edition isn’t any different, happens to be what the national teams and players will be wearing – the jerseys. As always, each FA has come out with new versions of familiar kits with home and away colors, and some national teams are even letting out three different jerseys to milk as much money as possible from the event.

Brazil and Belgium have three different color sets they’ll be wearing in the group stage, and hopefully (probably as well) in later stages also. Some have gotten slightly creative, like Germany’s dark black and red thick stripes shirt, or both Ghana and Cameroon coming up with jerseys that are in color, red and green respectively, but are completely scrambled with decorations on them.

Honduras have that big H each player will be wearing near his heart and the United States have also generated some interest with their jersey in the colors of the American flag. Nations like England, Italy and France seem to be sticking to what’s been working well for all these years (at least in terms of shirt sales, not necessarily on pitch success) and kept it clean and simple.

There are alternative versions to these jerseys – people love to mix up colors, crests and shapes, giving these outfits a bit more meaning than usual. The best of ’em can be found here.